Single Cell Genomics on an industrial scale

We are harnessing the power of single cell RNA sequencing to markedly improve human health. Our objective is to understand how small cell populations and dynamics drive disease in order to develop breakthrough therapies for patients with difficult-to-treat diseases.

Our approach not only has deep implications for treatments but also helps identify the best choices for drug combinations and how to match effective medicines with the right patients.

Collection of new and archival samples across the globe. Validated tissue preparation and shipping methods allow expansion to thousands of samples across many disease types with minimal manipulation at the clinical site.

Our workflow delivers standardized, scalable sample preparation, using prospectively collected and/or archival samples of biopsy material. The automated ML pipeline generates insights within hours.

Automated, reactive ML pipeline allows scalability to thousands of samples. Online single cell data processing enables continuous analysis of large, growing datasets.

Global Reach

Industrialized Workflow

Deep Insights