a new vision for precision medicine

Advancing Precision Medicine in
Inflammatory Disease

Mission & Vision

Seeing the Unseen

Observation. Insights. Action.

We are pioneering new precision medicines in inflammatory disease by harnessing the power of single-cell RNA sequencing and human biology at scale.

Our Science


Single-Cell Genomics & Machine Learning

Celsius is a
New Way of Seeing

By harnessing the power of single-cell genomics and machine learning, we have a high-resolution view into cellular programs associated with inflammatory disease.


Deeper Understanding of Complex Disease

New Insights Enable New Precision Medicines

With a deeper, clearer understanding of cells in patients with complex disease, we can identify novel insights that translate into new targets and patient subsets.


Developing Precision Therapies for Complex Diseases

The promise of precision medicine has yet to benefit immuno-inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease because they are multifactorial and not driven by a single, druggable genetic lesion. With our SCOPE platform, we now have the ability to “see” cells in a particular therapeutic setting; generate unmatched insights into the disease biology; and enabled by an automated machine learning platform, deliver insights rapidly.

​​Our first therapeutic candidate is an anti-TREM1 antibody for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). TREM1, a myeloid target with a central role in IBD, was identified through machine learning-enabled analysis of hundreds of clinical samples.