Pioneering Precision Medicine for Complex Diseases

Our SCOPE (Single-Cell Observations for Precision Effect) platform enables us to see and understand cells across different disease states, leading to a deep pipeline of new therapies for patients with inflammatory disease.

Developing The Right Therapeutics for the Right Patients

Smarter Clinical Studies Based on Disease Insights

We have built a unique dataset based on human disease biology in the context of standard of care treatments and key clinical trials likely to transform the treatment paradigm. Insights from this dataset help us identify important targets and patient subsets for precision medicine. This means we can advance precision therapeutics and biomarkers into places where they do not currently exist.



Target Discovery

Drug Discovery


Phase 1


anti-TREM1 mAb Program

Other IBD Targets

SCOPE Platform

Our SCOPE platform provides us with unparalleled resolution into cells in disease. We have analyzed over five million cells and generated 100 billion gene expression data points to date from a carefully curated collection of tissue samples from patients with IBD and solid tumors.