Open minds open doors

We are tackling autoimmune diseases, cancer and immuno-oncology by elucidating cell stages and types, discovering their interactions and uncovering how and why certain cells become abnormal. To accomplish this, we are deeply engaging with experts across many disciplines to collaborate, co-create and co-invent. We believe strong engagement, scientific depth and knowledge sharing are critical elements of progress.

ThinkLab is a unique model designed to integrate domain expertise, innovate across disciplines and keep Celsius at the forefront of single-cell genomics and disease biology.

It is a collection of thematic research groups of exceptional leaders with deep domain expertise in core areas of interest. ThinkLab teams are hands-on, forward-looking and fully integrated within Celsius, constantly solving complex problems and generating insight. They have vested interest in the company and play critical roles in driving our target-identification efforts and drug discovery programs.

ThinkLab members share our scientific passion and commitment for making an impact on patients’ health.