Collab­oration is at Our Core

A core value of Celsius is Connectedness, and we firmly believe that partnerships with physicians, scientists, and patients will unlock the full promise of precision medicine.

Active Collaborations

Our Precision Medicine Partnerships

Strategic alliances with academic institutions and biopharma industry partners expand our capabilities, accelerate the discovery and development of precision therapeutics, and broaden the potential impact for patients with inflammatory disease.

Our three-year collaboration with Servier is a broad discovery partnership to identify and validate novel targets in colorectal cancer (CRC). Using our SCOPE platform, we are analyzing hundreds of samples from CRC patients to redefine our understanding of the different subtypes of CRC and discover new drug targets, with the goal of developing novel precision therapies for specific patient subsets.

We also have a partnership with Janssen to analyze clinical samples from patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and identify biomarkers of response to therapeutic interventions.

Our Academic Alliances

We have partnerships with more than a dozen leading academic institutions across the world to access tissue samples with accompanying clinical metadata from a wide range of patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Through the application of our platform, we can advance our understanding of treatment resistance and disease progression. We constantly seek new collaborators who share our vision for a deeper understanding of the biology of complex diseases.

Partner With Us

At Celsius, we understand that innovating at the frontier of precision medicine in inflammatory disease requires multiple perspectives. Our work is based on multidisciplinary collaboration where every viewpoint is encouraged and valued.