Interview Process

at Celsius

We believe innovation stems from diverse perspectives. As such, we seek to work with others who demonstrate a growth mindset and collaborative orientation to enable creativity and propel our vision.

Celsius recognizes that everyone comes from a different place when starting the interview process with us. We believe it’s important to enable a common understanding of our approach to level the playing field for consideration. We want to learn as much about you as we can, while being able to present your best, authentic self. Learn more about our goals with every step of the process below.

What is Our Interview Process?

Our interview process begins with a conversation with the hiring manager and/or a member of our People & Talent team. You’ll speak with both early to gain a foundational overview of the opportunity and company.

From there, we invite candidates for a round of interviews where we inquire about your past experiences and behaviors. We believe this approach provides the best way to understand how you will work in the future.

Each of our team members are asked to focus on a few areas such as technical skills and/or non-technical skills (e.g. teamwork). We want to hear your stories in these areas and prefer to go deep with a few detailed examples rather than scratch the surface on many. Most interviews are 1:1, but in the interest of your time and our own collaboration, we sometimes have you speak with two individuals at a time.

What Do We Look For?

We aim to learn as much as we can about your relevant knowledge and experiences for the role, as well as your career aspirations. It’s helpful for us to learn not only what you know and have done, but also how you have approached your work. We are also interested in hearing your career story to date and how you believe our opportunity fits as the next step in your career journey. Finally, we aim to understand what work environments you’ve enjoyed and thrived in most so we can help you be successful within Celsius’ work environment.

What Else Do We Expect of Candidates?

Most of our scientific, computation and software engineering candidates are asked to complete either a presentation seminar or coding test to help us understand their level of technical competency. These requests also allow us to have baseline knowledge to kick off deeper discussions during your 1:1 interviews. The expectations for each of these requests will vary depending on the candidate’s experience and role for which they are interviewing. For example, an entry level lab-based candidate will be asked to share with us details around a technique/assay they have worked on in the past.

In addition, we will always check professional references before we make an offer. We believe perspectives from a previous manager, colleague or direct report are insightful to ensure we know how to support your work and development best, once you become a Celsius employee.

Finally, while we will be asking you plenty of questions to help us in making our decision – in turn, we expect you to ask us questions about the role, our team, and the Company work environment. In all of this, we want to share whatever information you need to make the best decision for your job choice and long career success.