Be a Part of the Next Era of Precision Medicine

Teamwork Makes Us Exceptional

We encourage questions and integrate multiple perspectives to address complex diseases. Our culture and work are rooted in the belief that we achieve more together than as individuals.

We are Practical Visionaries

Our Super Power

Our collective curiosity fuels our drive to ask provocative questions and always see the opportunity. We openly share our perspectives and are equally interested in learning from others.

Our Core

We come from diverse backgrounds with unique perspectives. Yet we share in our passion for our mission and take teamwork to a new level to connect with each other and catalyze our ideas. There’s no room for ego when we work together to achieve our common goals.

Our Intent

We have a steadfast focus and resolve to develop the right therapies for the right patients. At the same time, we recognize that flexibility, adaptability and agility empower us to achieve our goals.

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What Makes Us Unique

When One Of Us Succeeds,
We All Succeed

Collaboration Fuels Us

We are a team of biologists, data scientists, engineers and business professionals whose unwavering focus on precision therapies for inflammatory diseases will change the practice of medicine. Collaboration underpins our team’s success so that we can accomplish the art of seeing what has been invisible to others.

We Start and End with Patients

Our work starts with the end goal in mind: we are clear that our mission is about developing precision medicines for patients. Our research starts with patient tissue samples and results in impact to others suffering from complex diseases.

We are Practical Visionaries

We have lofty goals which we know push against the boundaries of what is possible. Still, we work thoughtfully to identify tangible actions to ensure our vision can become reality.

We Believe in the Power of Small Wins

We believe there is strength in self awareness, and power in having a growth mindset. We surround ourselves with others who have a penchant for growth and who recognize that in small wins, there are always big opportunities for growth.

We Co-Create to Innovate

We ensure that everyone – our employees and our partners – has a voice in our ecosystem. This lends itself to deep alignment, a collaborative culture, sound scientific and business decisions, and ultimately, innovation for patients.

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